Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 1, 2010

Joke’s on us.

M – Mango has almost always been cheerful and easygoing, but she is now starting to develop her sense of humour and initiate ‘jokes’. I put that in quotes because while she is cute, her attempts at making jokes are funny – for a while. Her newest ‘thing’ (as of about a month ago now) is to take a piece of food, pretend to put in your hand/mouth. She then pulls her hand back and eats it herself, laughing at how hilarious she is. It makes for a messy meal and fun for all of us.  

Silly Daddy, that's not food. 🙂

 We are just giving a damp face-cloth back and forth in this picture, but it made her giggle like silly, making us enjoy it too. She was kind enough to offer her soother once, but she faked out putting it in our mouth and stuck in back in hers, reveling in her comedic brilliance.


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