Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 1, 2010


M – There are so many things that I want to add to this blog, but by the time I get to posting, the moment has passed (Mango is not even a year old yet). However, None of are getting younger, and there was a change in decades for someone here recently. While this blog seems to inexorably end up with my monologues about Mango (and who wouldn’t, right?), she is not the only family member here. A decade older (and *cough* wiser), D continues to make the best start possible for Mango, I wrenched her from that to have an evening out and while there was no cake  (other relatives gave her one and it seemed silly to have 2 cakes in a weekend), I did manage to find a few things she said she liked. All I know is that with her wielding the camera like it was attached to her hand and multitudes of Mango pictures being churned out (family history rearing its head), it was decidedly difficult to find a picture of her that was less than a month old. 

Is it a good picture of Mango?


 I guess I’ll get around to cropping the picture later… 

Oh! Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays if you prefer) and a wonderful New Year’s Eve (for those it applies to; for others, love your life anyway). 

I both send out and give everyone stopping by here a great big hug.


  1. Happy Birthday D!!

  2. I’ll thank you for her, as it seems she is not keen on getting older.

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