Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 27, 2009


M – Is Santa real or not? There are many perspectives to look at it from, but I feel the most important part is to enjoy the season and holiday without succumbing to the pressure to buy gifts for everyone (not that we do, as we are frugal and that doesn’t seem to detract from us enjoying ourselves).  The one thing I didn’t like this year was that all three of us got gut-wrenchingly sick. On the plus side, family was visiting and we had support there. Also, since we got during the holidays, we didn’t miss any paid work.

However, Mango was cheerful throughout it all; even having fun playing moments after throwing up. As she has never really been sick before, she seemed more concerned about what she was doing, rather than how she was feeling. This’ll be the first Christmas for Mango and I’m sure that years from now, she will have questions for us about her reactions to the stranger in red.

She did make it out to see Santa once, it was a ‘Signing Santa’, there to ‘listen’ to all the children who use American Sign Language (ASL) as a way of communicating. She had fun. 🙂

That guy really knows how to colour coordinate with my red outfit. 🙂

You seem nice. Momma, is he nice?

The picture you don’t see is the one of her crying in Santa’s lap. I’m sure there is one somewhere.


  1. …was this Santa at the Forks?…Mango isn’t scared of him, how nice…just doesn’t know what to make of him?!

  2. Yes indeedy, it was at the Forks, as it is every year, but don’t quote me, as I may not remember correctly.

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