Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 21, 2009

Sunny side up.

M – Mango seems to be fearless (she didn’t get that from me). She has being trying to do a roll over her head (aka a somersault), but she is not big and strong enough yet. Soon the day will soon be here when she won’t need our help anymore.

Get ready…


Get set...

and roll!

Hey! I'm stuck! Heelp!

Um. hmm. A little help here please? Hello?

The cute part is that she plonks her hed down onto the carpet with her rear in the air (picture the letter ‘n’ or an inverted ‘v’), then waits for us to roll her over onto her back, causing paroxysms of giggles.


  1. So sweet!! Looks like she’s going to be loving kinder-gym. Maybe she’ll become a gymnast like Julia!!

  2. Check out this video:

    It’s a time lapse of a 9-month old baby playing with his toys….4 hours compressed into 2 minutes. I thought of you guys when I saw it.

  3. Very cool video. She’s almost that hyper without the time-lapse. As for gymnastics, I’m sure she’d enjoy it, but I don’t think my nerves could. 😮

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