Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 19, 2009


M – It seemed to stay November for an extremely long time, December quietly slid in, and it is already the 19th. Whew. It has only been a few weeks (okay, probably a month)  since she started hanging on to stuff in an upright position, and she is already ‘walking’ around our place while holding anything she finds in both her hands (which she then tries to give to anyone nearby.) Just yesterday in fact, I watched her balancing herself on one foot without falling. Of course, when she really needs to move, she still drops to the floor and crawls like a speed demon. She has now reached the next higher shelves – forcing us to push everything up higher. I would like to say the rearrangement created a ‘spring cleaning’ effect, but now everything just seems messier and more cramped. The picture is off her trying to yank the headwear off. While it doesn’t relate to the post, it was a difficult to take that picture and so we decided to put it on to justify the efforts.

Are you sure that you're not laughing at me? I look cool.


  1. i like how the last photo and this one are both of her with something on her head!

  2. On, but in the process of coming off. 🙂

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