Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 13, 2009

Rise up, rise up!

M – Even if I had time to post daily, I don’t think I could keep up with her progress. Crawling is becoming less of an option now that she has started on that whole walking thing. To be fair, she tends to totter a few steps, stand there for a moment as if to get her  bearings, then stagger onward. The furthest I’ve seen her make is across our living/dining room. For her that added up to just over 34 steps. She is even getting the hang of turning whilst upright and continuing on her journey somewhere. We are momentarily fortunate in that while she can walk off our carpet, she has yet to master the intricacies of walking back on to it. When too excited to walk, such as when she hears her bath water running, she still crawls. Fast. Unless I grab her in time (or lunge ungracefully across the floor), she is gone before I have managed to get her clothes off so she can bathe properly.

Need help? I like the water temperature at exactly ...

We are just lucky she hasn’t figured out that she can use stable-ish objects as ways to scale ever higher…

Umph. Must push thrugh - who put these so close together?


  1. …will get through, just give me time!!!

  2. LOL. Know her, definitely.

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