Posted by: simplyscrambled | December 10, 2009

Wait up! Wake up…

M – It seems that if our life were a snowball, it is rolling down the hill of time far too fast (metaphor influenced by the fact it’s winter out). Mango keeps growing and learning and impressing and tiring me out me daily. I wasn’t ready a year ago for this chaos (and that was before she was born) and feel even less prepared than ever now. She’s gotten us up at midnight (or other random times) to regale us with her vocal exercises, such as her burbling out stereotypical ‘goo goo’s and ‘gaa gaa’s. Of course, to get us over to her room, she has to let a bellow or two to remind us she is awake and that we should be too. So, she is learning faster than I am ready for and doesn’t even give me enough sleep to pretend to keep up. Even her crawling is faster. By the time I creak myself onto the floor, she has sped off around the corner, in search of anything dangerous she should chance upon. I can imagine that when she starts tottering for real, that will not last long. Soon enough, she’ll zip off, grabbing things (pulling them down), tripping, climbing (even more – dangerously too), disappearing at a scary rate when we accidently look at something else for the merest moment. I’m so not ready. :0

I may not be walking yet, but give me a week...

The picture is a bit blurry due to the short window of time we had to take the picture before she fell over. 🙂



  1. …lovely to see her walking, but very trying for parents to keep up with her…it gets even more challenging, once Mango learns how to CLIMB (using pulled out dresser drawers as stairs, for example! or pulling a chair – which she can do already – close to higher destinations like counter tops, bathroom/kitchen sinks, medicine cabinets, upper book shelves, then climbing on the chair (which she cannot do yet, I hope for your sakes!) to reach, the before mentioned higher regions: THAT CAN SPELL REAL TROUBLE – parents be aware! But interacting with her is fun!!!

  2. i laugh…..bwahhhhh hah hah hahhhhh!

  3. A jest to be shared is one of pleasure. That ‘comment’ sounded like an evil laugh of one who has survived and knows of hardships to come.

  4. Oma, she has yet to connect the dots between mobile object and the possibilties of height inherent in them. Bet that doesn’t last long. Fast legs, faster arms. Quite the combination 😛

  5. …fast legs, faster arms AND an even faster mind (brain) to figure out new things to do…keeps you on your toes…not easy to stay a step ahead of Mango’s physical talents/developments…very interesting times to come…

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