Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 1, 2009


M – She is getting very agile and acrobatic. Even so, her best to this point has been about two steps unaided by supports (walls, tables, legs, etc.) Of course, when she is distracted and doesn’t realize she isn’t holding on to anything, she can stand quite a while longer. As soon as she notices her hands aren’t holding anything, she frantically grabs for the nearest tallish object around her.

However, she has not lost her love for books. There was a time not long ago that whenever a book being read to her was finished (and she wasn’t), she would cry until another one was produced for her perusal. After some teaching (her still being upset), she has gotten to the point that she does not cry every time. Most of the time now when she wants us to read to her, she goes to our book bin, laboriously hauls out a book and tries to put it in our hands, all the while looking up at us with big eyes and a serious face. Who can resist that? Besides, she is trying so hard she doesn’t seem to realize she has also offered books to our feet :D. Once she swung a book around to for us to read without looking and smacked one of us in the face. Now I am not saying it was funny, but it made me laugh. 😀

Her trying laborously to get another book for us to read to her


  1. which “one of us” got the face smack? just guessing here, but probably not you, as you were the one laughing…

  2. …call it determination or what???

  3. Truth hurts el, but not as much as getting a book in one’s eye (actually just above the lip, although it did cause much eye-watering.) 😛

  4. She can move really heavy books too! It continues to surprise me. Granted, she does sometimes swing the book up twice to make it high enough, but when she does tend to hold it in place for a few seconds. Are you proud yet O?

  5. …she sure has a mind of her own…this great determination will serve her well now and later on in life as an adult…she is no push-over!!

  6. …it was a delight, today, having Mango to look after…Friday is Pizza-night @ P’s…hope to see you there…

  7. Determination as a positive attribute? Yes and no. Singlemindedness is good but does not always leave the person to reason.

  8. Like I’ve maintained, family is nice, especially when close in heart and distance.

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