Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 28, 2009

Contesting that

M – Recently it was implied to us that Mango would do well in baby picture contests. Actually, we were told by loving relatives that everyone they knew thought Mango was cute enough to be in pictures (things like baby ads or even to the point where they thought she could be the next “Gerber Baby”. Very nice to hear, but this does come from a biased point of view. Of course, we already knew she was cute without others telling us, but it is always nice to hear that again. She is still unsullied and innocent (although mischievous), we have no desire to change that – besides, who has the time? 😉

Not a typical 'cute' photo. Just the Mango we know...


  1. …still a cute picture of M!!!

  2. Yeah, her scrowl is still cute. She has added some louder growling now too… 🙂

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