Posted by: simplyscrambled | November 20, 2009

Beginning of the End?

Yay! Ahh Dahhhh!

Yay! Ahh Dahhhh!

M – There was a post all ready to be added here, but it was put aside today as a new, more time-relevant story came about. It turns out that Mango’s first intelligible (roughly speaking) words did not relate (no pun intended) to either one of us. Twas neither “Mama” nor “Dada” that the child spake to us. To be fair, she has used those sounds, but not in direct connection with either one of us. They were babbled used when scaling the couch, playing with her bear toy, crawling across the ground, etc. Nope, it was “all done’ (Ahh dahh) and was her indicating she had eaten enough and we were to clean up her smeared supper and take her out of her high chair. She even kind of waved her arms as yet another form of dismissal, as one might do to their servants. The words came about because at the end of every meal we would ask her if she was all done with her meal/food/fun. The ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ stuff was also done frequently, but not at predefined times where there was a predictable routine for her.

She still gets us with her charm though.



  1. what a big girl!! how exciting!!

  2. Sure. Exciting. 😉

  3. Not a bad first word. I think E’s was truck or was it tractor? When T said truck he couldn’t say the ‘tr’ sound … ‘t’r was ‘f’. Very embarrasing when said really loudly in public everytime a truck passed.

  4. LOL. Just like the spelling in sign looks similar for both ‘d’uck and ‘f’**k. Also embarassing (but a good [and fast] way to learn)

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