Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 11, 2009


Hi! Just standing, not trying to um... walk.

Hi tall person. Will you carry me?

M – No breaking news story here, I was just reading the ‘thejuma” blog and it reminded me we should probably get Mango’s eyesight tested. We know she has a really long reach, sticky fingers, and bat-like hearing, but have yet to find out about her vision. From the way she chases objects (toys) about, she has excellent depth perception. Also, she is distressing fast. After all, if I can barely keep up with her  when she is barreling across the floor in a squealing rush to get away from tickling fingers (just to be clear here, I am also crawling); imagine her speed when walking. I doubt she will be content to just amble along. She’ll be careening back and forth at high speeds, oblivious to the many dangers (such as sharp table/chair corners/edges, people lying in her way attempting to slow her down, etc.) Crazy times to come. Talk about getting off topic here. I had planned on finding out when one should get one’s eyesight checked, but ended up going on about something else entirely. Sorry.



  1. it’s hard to check baby vision. they’re not so great at reading the eyechart and telling you what they see, so generally, vision is first screened at age 4/5. plenty of time to make that appointment!

    i have to find some pictures of J at this age….don’t know if it’s the hair color or the chubby cheeks, but something about M right now reminds me of J as a baby….

  2. …you, Mango’s dad, started wearing glasses when you were about 9-10 years old and so did your sister A., if my memory serves me right…I started wearing glasses at age 27…but who knows whether I could have used them earlier???…may be I wasn’t screened before that but should have…hard to say…

  3. True, but no-one realized how lind we really were. 😛 Now I’m trying to convince myself that glasses make me look smarter than I really am…

  4. True enough. Her vocabulary is limited (although not her volume). As for Mango looking like J, I am honoured that you would think so. All I know is that I/we think she very cute.

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