Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 1, 2009

Here comes trouble

M – Mango can certainly be fun, but she is also a handful and I have it from people who know (mothers), that life will not get easier in the forseeable future. Thant’s okay though, as we are protected by our innocence.

Lookit me! I'm standing!

Lookit me! I'm standing!

She is just cruising along now – almost walking. When she sees something interesting and worth exploring, her eyes never waver as she crawls straight for it, even if it means clambering over objects (such as parent’s bodies) to get there. No accidents yet, but as mentioned earlier, she is almost toddling along. Right now she is comfortable holding our hands as she staggers forward and she does stand for brief moments with no support by herself. While it is encouraging to watch (evidence that she is developing normally), it is also a precursor of the havoc to come. After all, if she can already climb up onto the couch (and park benches)  with no assistance, when she walks we will have to hover beside her constantly, as there will be few limit for her. While we’ve already cleared off our tables and bottom few shelves of our bookcases etcetera (except for the few inches she can’t quite reach yet), I shudder to think of what we’re in for now. She’s been opening cabinet doors and drawers for some time now (I’m getting more agile as I attempt to keep closed anything that opens so she doesn’t realize how close she is to creating a whole new world of headaches for us.)

In the meantime though, she is starting to wave at us now when she sees us and loves ‘peek-a-boo’. It is also diconcerting to have her watch our faces from only a few inches away as we read a story to her on our laps. Fun for us and fun for her…


  1. Lily is always booby trapping my cupboard doors by tightly wrapping elastic bands around two knobs…you could try that trick for babyproofing..

  2. Sounds like a darned good idea. Cheaper than the commercial gadgets too. 😛

  3. And they make a cool banjo too lol

  4. lol. Guess we’ll see. What worked for you?

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