Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | October 19, 2009

The Quiet Life.

M – Our is a quiet one – in theory, less so in reality. However, Mango did have a chance to visit her grandparents recently, which everyone seemed to enjoy. A big bonus was the good fortune of her also being able to visit her great-grandfather. Even if she can be quite a handful at home, everything went very well during the visit. I know more rest was achieved during that week than the month preceding it, so life was good. Time keeps moving though, so the visit had to end. Everything seems to bend around her. People talk to us in the elevator, open doors for us, and more. Even the cat noticed a difference around the place while she was gone, as she meowed like crazy when Mango returned. Of course, she still stayed out of reach though – the cat may have been lonely, but that didn’t mean she planned to lose any fur over Mango’s return.

Quality time together.

See? Only four Cheerios left. Wanna share?

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