Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 17, 2009

Missing Baby

M – Gosh, I hardly know what to put in this post. If I put everything that has been happening around here, it would get long and boring as I rambled on.

*One note before I go on – thanks again for the support and positive input we’ve gotten over the past 8+ months*

Some things we’ve noticed:

Mango is very interactive now and her individuality is beginning to emerge and assert itself. She is extremely mobile and loves to watch (and try to follow) the cat. She has gone from ‘commando’ (using her arms to drag herself places) to drunken wobbling to smooth rapid crawling. Beyond that, she pulls herself up to a standing position and crabs her way back and forth along the couch. While standing, she is able to bend down and pick up toys etc, off the floor. She is drinking less formula and eating more semi-solid food (rather messily). While awake, she is almost always cheerful and moving – until she gets too tired, whereupon she crashes rapidly and lets everyone know she is not happy.

We tested her to see if she was really looking while we read to her, so recently we read until she was ready to take a break, it was over 1/2 hour (and many books) later. While a book lover, she is also conversely a little athlete. She keeps trying to climb on the couch, crawl everywhere, squirm while in our arms to watch everything around her, and absolutely loves being outside. Oh – our mirrors are getting little fingerprints all over them. So it begins.

Hi me!

Hi me, hi you!


  1. I like this picture, I’ve heard that babies do not realize they are looking at themselves in a mirror until around 24 months…. it interested that whenever Hudson looks in a mirror he say’s Hi Oliver and vice versa…one day Hudson saw his reflection in the oven door and was like… Oliver, Oliver… he kept knocking on the window, I assured him it was himself and that Oliver was not in the oven.

  2. lol. I guess yours are advanced. We’d better have Mango become friends in hopes some smarts will rub off or be absorbed through osmosis. :p

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