Posted by: simplyscrambled | August 29, 2009

Skipping along

M – So much for crawling. She does it in a jerky fashion, much like bad claymation. After managing to get up on her hands and toes, she falls forward with one leg/knee ahead of the other. So, in a sense it can be considered ‘crawling’. However, she has also used the hand and toe pose to get enough height to grab the edge of the couch (or one of our stomachs as we lie there) and slide forward enough to mash her face into it. After a few tries, her legs end up close enough that she can worm her way to a semi-upright  position. Once there, she stands for a moment before sliding back down. 

This is so exciting! Aren't you proud of me?

This is so exciting! Aren't you proud of me?

 This and the crawling (we can no longer just lie down to block her anymore) have forced us to forgo any thoughts of other activies (such as cleaning, food preparation) while she is roaming freely on the floor. We have it from good authority that one of us was a climber, so the next step is clearing out our bookshelves and bolting them down. Definitely a new thing to keep up with. We have found ONE way to stop her from disappearing on us. All we do is just start reading. She does an abrupt (well, fast for her) 180 degree turn and homes in on whomever is reading. So, while she may be a crawler and a climber, she is also a reader. 😀



  1. Yay! Reader!

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