Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 22, 2009

Keeping Up.

M – It seems that just last week she was struggling to work her way across the floor in a straight line. Now she is working on climbing over thing (like our legs – which used to make wonderful walls). I hope she will not be a climber, as it would be far too stressful. She is already getting good at worming her way quite quickly across the floor and anything on it. Over, under, it makes no difference. If it is out of reach, she”ll find a way to get there, even if she does get extremely frustrated at her body’s inability to move as easily and have the coordination she would like. Even so, she has already managed to record the weather channel over some old movies – don’t ask.

Don't I look so cute ... and innocent?

Don't I look so cute ... and innocent?


^– Just exploring new territory…

Oooh, pretty colours...

Oooh, pretty colours...

We have another picture taken about 20 seconds after this and she managed have such a mischievous smile one while looking so innocent.


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