Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 20, 2009

Breaking boundaries.

M – Her first tooth is out. It felt like fine sandpaper at first, but now that it is truly out, it feels like a piranha is chewing on you if she manages to get your finger in her mouth. However, she has tried quite a variety of foods over the past little while. She has not rejected any of them (even the lovely pureed blend of chicken [or beef] with assorted vegetables – which was not too tasty AT all *shudder*). Since all attempts to get a clear picture of her fang met with blurry darkness surrounding a lighter speck, this ‘photo’ is just an artist’s rendering of what the tooth may look like.

Bye bye gums, hello toothpaste.

Bye bye gums, hello toothpaste.

 Couple that with her grab-and slide quasi-crawling and you get a glimpse of the havoc to come.

Oooh! Come here shiny flashy camera.

Oooh! Come here shiny flashy camera.

Just wait until she can catch the cat…


  1. OOOh protein on the run. She’ll like that. Hope you guys have had a great summer.

  2. Pets CAN be fun. However, she spends a lot of time under beds now. Hope yours is/has been fun too.

  3. Lots of camping and trips. We now have a cat Aidan terrorize..I Mean hunts down..I mean cares for. Yeah that’s it Cares For lol.

  4. A pet … a mobile toy … good exercise and reflex building for everyone. Congrats on the pet, and I hope everyone is coexisting happliy. I’m sure there will be LOTS of love doled out to the cat.

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