Posted by: simplyscrambled | August 13, 2009

Moving With the Times.

M – Ah yes, the milestones that are SO important to a child’s development. the next/current one is crawling. While I encourage and keep fun stuff just out of reach (to help her  have to move, not to be mean), it is not something I am really looking forward to. It’ll mean rearranging the entire place in a way that creates much less storage room. Crawling may be great way to explore, but it is also a great way to create havoc. Just today she decided not to play with her toys but rather a bag full of diapers (I suppose because it was out of reach (but near enough to stem disasters [either due to excitement causing muscles to tense, or quiet time, causing muscles to relax)]. We have also been reminded how dangerous it is to leave things lying around, especially the cat food. 😛

Mmm ... plastic

Mmm ... plastic

Fortunately, she has yet to crawl. She is more at the inch-worm phase. She gts up on all fours, with belly muscles just aquivering. The next step of moving one arm forward is beyond her. Too be fair though, it is kind of like falling – you have to give up some support and safety to fall forward where you hope your arm will be there and and able to support your weight. Up to now, she gts up, then ‘floomps’ forward onto her chest/face, then wiggles forward a bit, just to do it all over again.

Here I come!

Here I come!

Aah! Now what?

Aah! Now what?

  I’ve been told she has managed to sit up on her own (just the once). Another step for her (and us … neat freaks {not us} unite. Any easy advice, aside from hiring a full-time maid?)

Next step -> teething. That’ll be fun. We have had predictions since she was three months old that she was on the verge on having her first tooth.



  1. …soon things have to be moved to higher grounds,out of Mango’s reach…however her arms can reach pretty far (and later high up too???)…so be aware! HAVE FUN!

  2. We’ve already moved the cat food away and are much more meticulous about keeping the floor clean. *Sigh*

  3. My only issue was the under the sink chemicals..I had to relocate them before “cupboard hunting ” started. And remeber the occaisional floor snack never killed us-and cat food has vitamins YUM

  4. She doesn’t seem to have the dexterity (or strength) yet to open doors, but I am sure it won’t be long. :0

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