Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 4, 2009

A life less strange

M – Life changes rapidly around Mango – well, that is to say that she is growing and changing, which creates a ripple effect, with us being caught in the waves. 😛 However, by all accounts she is progressing rapidly and is fun to spend time with. Coincidentally enough, she is no longer really ‘making strange’ anymore, unlike last week. Supposedly not wanting to be held or approached by ‘strangers’ (which is anyone other than her mother) lasts longer than 7 days. Who knew? Certainly not Mango.

Come play with me!

Come play with me!

It’s  good thing. Another thing that we noticed is that she seems to enjoy the camera. Unfortunately, she prefers to try and suck on it rather than have her picture taken. So far the camera is still dry. 😛

Yummy - I see a camera!

Yummy - I see a camera!



  1. Being outside and playing, this is life!!

  2. New grass/lawn too! A whole new taste sensation. 😛

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