Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 31, 2009


M – Having a day or two by oneself is supposed to be relaxing, but I am still finding life to be -um-  simply scrambled, even with an empty household.

 At least Mango is fun/interesting (and vexing, tiring, complicated, etc.) So, while she is there and I am here, I can still sort through the many pictures we have of her.

Who's there?

Who's there?

Not surprisingly, she is not actually in her toy, this picture was taken through her toy while she was absorbed in something I am sure was fascinating indeed (for about 10 seconds, anyway).



  1. …what a cute picture of Mango …especially the curious look in her eyes her very endearing!!

  2. …oops – typing mistake – it should read”…look in her eyes ARE very endearing!

  3. S’alright. Keeps my aging eyes and brain sharper when I have to figure out what was meant as compared to what was actually typed in. 😉

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