Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 27, 2009


M – The days keep slipping by and Mango keeps getting better at doing things on her own. While not yet proficient at crawling, she is quite adept at doing a belly hop. She gets her legs under her while simultaneously smooshing her face into the blanket. She then pushes with her legs, and instead of ending up on her head, she scooches forward a bit.

Too tired ... must sleep.

Too tired ... must sleep.

Quite a spectacle to watch indeed.

She is also very good at rolling back and forth, kind of like a horizontal Yo-Yo. While it is time-consuming and must be hard on her, it is also good exercise and fun to see.



Not that we put toys just out of her reach to torture her, rather it is a way to have her focus and stretch her capabilities. It is often quite surprising how well she does, even though it is tempting to help her. Such is the life of a baby, I suppose. We’d better start securing everything from the waist down now. Who knows what she’ll be doing next week…


  1. …yes indeed, getting ready for a more mobile Mango is not a bad idea; a playpen, to curtail her mobil reach to a certain – “fenced-in” – area only, can be of great help; …eventually, in the not so faraway future, the crawling/walking-stage will come; …it means kid-proofing your apartment rather sooner than later!!! Oh joy, have fun with that task!

  2. I’m sure you have delightful memories of the daily adaptations. Feel free to add anything here you found useful – and don’t say doting grandparents! 😛

  3. Leave baby gates in front of everything you don’t want Mango to get into…??

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