Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 24, 2009


M – There is a point in every young person’s life where she/he gets wary of strangers. This is a healthy habit to get into, as it is a good way to stay safe. Mango is edging to that stage. She enjoys spending time with others, as long as it is from within the arms of her mother (even her father’s arms are not comforting enough).  It textbooks it is often referred to as “Stranger Anxiety”. However, here it is often called “Making Strange”.

Where's my momma?

Where's my momma?

 A source tells me that in California that term is unheard of, never mind not being in use. Extrapolating from that, it seems that even the United States doesn’t ‘make strange’. I guess it is just another one of things limited to a specific region (sort of like dialects or slang). I could go on about other such phenomenon in this are, but I think it can wait until Mango is of age and possibly on the verge of marriage… (an innocent term, I swear). Enough babbling – enjoy yourselves.


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