Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 22, 2009

Family Ties

M – While often a knotty problem, fraught with tangles and snarls, our families are definitely a plus for us. Yes – that sentence was thread related, as a way to ‘tie’ in the title. Go ahead and groan now. It rarely happens, but we do occasionally manage to gather up one half or the other of our immediate families. While I grew up without much family around, it would be nice if Mango had relatives to see as often as she wished. Our visit was shorter than anticipated as Mango was having an unhappy day, which naturally affected us all. Nonetheless, it was still a nice visit.

Relative Chaos

Relative Chaos

Urban Country

Urban Country



  1. Lovely pictures…having all nine cousins of the S.(ne: D.), K. (ne: D.) and H.-D. together at the same time is an amazing event!! Considering that the S.’s live in, AB. it makes this moment even more special!!
    Great memories to cherish for years to come for all involved!!!

  2. We thought so too. Besides, it makes life that much nicer to enjoy. 😀

  3. …thank you for editing my response! Much appreciated!

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