Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 13, 2009

Foodstuffs – Fruits and Veggies.

M – The other day someone asked me why our little one had the moniker of ‘Mango’. It was explained, and the next question was what name would another child have bestowed upon her/him. That set me thinking and upon arriving home, I postulated the same thing to D. As ‘Mango’ was a fruit, what would another be named? This lead to some silly dubbing of pseudonyms. Rutabaga was the first name one of us came up with and it lead to a fun few minutes of time imagining other aliases. For example; Watermelon, but it could imply an over-sized baby and Canteloupe was too cumbersome a name, so we tried vegetables. Celery didn’t make the cut, Pea was too similar to “Sweet Pea’, a far too common nickname. Cauliflower left a bad taste in our mouth, and Potato is not the nicest image to parallel with a baby.  Our final choice ended up being cucumber, just because when shortened it sounded silly, especially paired with Mango. “The Adventures of Mango and Cuke”, “Mango Tango and Kookie Cuke”, etc.

Anyway, since we don’t have a picture of a cucumber, here is one of Mango and parent as we were imagining and laughing about alternate ‘names’.

Did I miss the joke?

Did I miss the joke?

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