Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 3, 2009

Canada Day…

M – Well, it seems Mango is a nice relaxed person (mostly), so I guess she is Canadian. While everyone was out enjoying the day (us included), she enjoyed her stroller ride, did some people watching,  and fun was had. Somehow though, I feel she enjoyed the July 2nd as much, if not more. Taken out to the nearest park, she ignored all the other people about (sunbathers, ‘frisbee’ers, etc.) and focused on the grass. Since she is quite new to this whole ‘life’ experience, it is understandable that she had fun grabbing the grass and letting it slide through her fingers. As of yet, that is as far as she has gotten. The next step will probably be tasting and testing the grass. Yum.

Coool! Prickly and soft!

Coool! Prickly and soft!


  1. …soon she’ll be picking flowers…she sure enjoys the outdoors…hope the weather will stay nice and the biting critters will leave Mango alone!!

  2. So far, nothing but positives. So far…

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