Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 27, 2009

Yummy Yams?

M – The cat incident was interesting enough, but it was also the day we tested home pureed baby food on Mango. We have tested out various commercial baby cereals with differing levels of success.

For example; rice = quite bland, barley = more flavourful. As for the yams, her first spoonful was met by her tongue blocking entry to her mouth. After a few fakes, we sneaked a bit in. This resulted in a face that indicated we had abused her trust in us to feed her well. By now she does eat it (although she does not look all that willing), even though her favorite still seems to be the barley. We make sure to alternate her cereal with formula, as one would think s drink (of a sorts) would help wash things down. Overall, we have a pretty good (albeit messy) routine established. 

What the? Where’s my usual?

See her joy? 🙂


  1. that’s a funny picture….she looks upset, shocked, and outraged all at the same time…

  2. lol. I figure she didn’t know what to think. Guess she was in shock. We’ll see how she does with peas in a little while. 🙂

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