Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 27, 2009

Cranky Cat.

M – It was an interesting week. Our cat was constantly seen sitting at the balcony door, especially when only the screen door was left closed. We presumed it was because she was getting overheated, as her fur is not that short. I know I would be quite warm wearing a jacket indoors with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius. So, we took pity on her and decided to have her groomed. She is not an incredibly social and needs a fair amount of personal space which she defends quite avidly. We know this through various other past experiences. Some of those claw marks took weeks to fade. Of course, as soon as we had that indignity forced upon her, the weather here dropped about 10 degrees. Needless to say, she frequents the top of our couch a lot. To make matter worse, as soon as we took her to the vet, it rained. Not a good day.

Study in Indifference, AKA - Stay Away!

Study in Indifference, AKA - Stay Away!


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