Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 26, 2009

Stressful, blissful sleep.

M – The time has come to ‘fess up. We are neglectful, awful parents. Sure, we put Mango to sleep on her back  as always. However, when checking up on her in the morning, there she was, belly-flopped and facedown in the crib. Gasp! Of course, she was fine, but let’s hope that while she sleeps on, totally unaware of the stress she may be calling down upon us through the upcoming nights, that we will be able to get rest also. 😛

Shh! Trying to sleep here.

Shh! Trying to sleep here.

The ironic part is that while this is the first time we have seen her belly-sleeping, she has been rotating for a while now. We put her in with her head toward the closet. Upon returning later, we invariably find her toes pointing closet-ward. Hmm. She is growing up.

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