Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 23, 2009

Which Mouse?

M – I remember an old children’s story about a country mouse and a city mouse. I think they were cousins, although that does really relate here. It was a cute tale, with the final idea (moral) being that everyone is different, and that each person/mouse is happier at home, no matter how nice/sparkly/relaxing other places may initially seem.  At any rate, I wonder where Mango will be. Will it be with wanderlust half-way around the world, harvesting and living  life off the land, or being citified with the conveniences of urbanity? Time will tell. Here’s hoping we give her the space and support to let her choose and live a life however she wants it.

That breeze tickles!

That breeze tickles!


The picture below is only here because I like it. Besides, it shows how much she interacts with everything around her now. A day or so ago she was trying to suck on the swing in the local playground. 🙂 Fun for all.

Life as we taste it.

Life as we taste it.



  1. cute little peanut…
    i have no doubt that you’ll give mango all of the space that she needs to grow into herself…and all of the love that she’s already been thriving on..

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