Posted by: simplyscrambled | June 20, 2009

Life Goes On.

M – No exciting news here. Mango does not crawl or talk to us yet. Sure, she babbles and has rolled over once or twice in front of witnesses, but has yet to master any of the above. She is getting long enough that when she turns in her crib – not roll, but rather spin 90 to 180 degrees, she can grab the railing and has managed to kick on her ‘aquarium’ (fake fish moving in circles, music [or water sounds], and lights) which is attached to the inner side of the crib bars, but we doubt it is planned. Nonetheless, all things are going well, she seems healthy, and we are very happy with her being with us.

Are those edible?

Are those edible?

She is eating cereal. She not very helpful, but she is enthusiastic. Also, there may be a hint of a bump on her lower gums (just so you know, it is really hard to get a picture of the inside of her mouth before she sticks her tongue in the way), but we have yet to use a toothbrush.


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