Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 14, 2009


M – Quiet can be nice. However, with Mango gone, I find myself wondering what I’ve missed, what new things she has learned/done. It is still strange not to have to worry about making too much noise at night or stepping around everything left in her wake (or just there – waiting for when she will b too). There tends to be the thought that there is something that needs to be done even when there isn’t. One nice thing is the lesser quantity of

Missing Mango

Missing Mango

laundry to be done every day. It was getting ugly when our dryer was fighting us, but just before Mango left, we fixed it (on our own, surprisingly) and things were getting dry again. Sleeping is another thing I enjoy – that and being able to watch TV without feeling guilty about corrupting our girl.

That being said – oh, it was also difficult trying to placate her when one didn’t know the problem and every solution we could think of had been attempted. It does not change the fact that in less than 1/2 year, I evolved from being one of two, into being a parent as well.

A snapshot of fun.

A snapshot of fun.


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