Posted by: simplyscrambled | June 9, 2009

Silent wings.

M – Spread your wings young one and fly freely, knowing we will be there to catch you and help you. It certainly is quiet here. I am still not sure if it is a good thing, although there is less here to trip over and endanger my life. My sanity is secure, but I find myself wandering from room to room to room (we only really have three rooms here). One thing I haven’t gotten used to is not having to type with the speakers off and in the dark here (as this space doubles as Mango’s bedroom). Strangely enough, even though it has been less than 5 months, we still look back to January and how small (and innocent) she looked and was. She has not moved out of anything, she has jsut gone out of town to visit with her great-grandfather and other family members and friends.

This one was picked because she was so cute and one can see how small she was (see the hand holding her?) 

So small a body, so large the love

So small a body, so large the love.

Times change and she growing and changing so fast it is hard to keep doing the best we can – we don’t know what it is. At least we no longer have to worry about the every 2-3 hour feedings each day (I still think the doctors are evil to impose that on new parents).Now, she is bigger and stronger and vocal. One nice thing is that she doesn’t raise a ruckus just to be heard. When figured out, there is always a reason for her noise. I think Mango struggles the most when on the cusp of wakefulness and being too tired. I remember not wanting to miss anything when I was younger too (although the circumstances involved were different … never mind.)Lots of fun, but way heavier to carry too.

What do we learn next?

What do we learn next?

Let’s just say that when looking at the then and now pictures, she has grown I do not know her actual length (height), weight, etc., but she has got from being engulfed in a size one diaper to being comfortable in a size three. Things are going to get expensive soon, I can just feel it.


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