Posted by: simplyscrambled | June 4, 2009

Water baby

M – The water was warm, the waves lapping gently, and the babies were splashing wildly. Mango made her first trip to a pool and experienced water deeper than our bathtub. Somewhat tentative at first, she rapidly forgot her trepidations and enjoyed the trip to the point she was upset to leave the kiddie pool. Who knows what will be in her future? All I know is that the odds are good that she will continue to enjoy water anywhere she finds it.

Focus ... focus ... don't look down.

Focus ... focus ... don't look down.

She made it across and seemed quite proud of herself (almost as proud as her mother),

Pshaw, that was easy. Again!

Pshaw, that was easy. Again!

and wanted to stay and play for quite a while. Afterwards, she fell asleep before we made it out of the parking lot and stayed asleep while we put her in her crib. Nice.



  1. yay M! i see a water baby in the making! maybe L can teach her how to dive some day.
    gotta love swimming for the way it tires kids out too. keep that one on the list for rainy/snowy/crappy days during her toddler years when she NEEDS to burn some energy…

  2. Mango, you look sooooo cute in your swimsuit!!!! Hope you are doing well, take care of your mom and dad.
    Love H+O we would add J’s name but he’s 3 and that’s a bit old for you 😉

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