Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 2, 2009


M – One thing I noticed was that Mango is not very shy and doesn’t startle easily. As you may have guessed, many many pictures have been taken of her, and she tolerates it well. Initially, months ago even, she ignored the camera (even when there was a flash) like a natural star. This was followed by a brief period in which she tended to move just as the picture was taken (creating many blurry photos). She grew beyond that stage a while  ago and now tends to ignore it entirely (I took a picture of her starting to fall asleep once – forgetting to preset the camera, so the dark room was flooded with harsh light, which she didn’t faze her in the slightest – she slept on). Actually, to modify my claim that she ignores the camera, I hasten to add that it  is not entirely true as it can fascinate her on occasion. Next stage will likely involve her wanting to hold the cameraand (after sucking on it) take pictures of her own. I have memories of my own involving an expensive pair of binoculars which do not end well. Let’s just say I wasn’t allowed near any balconies for quite awhile after that… To continue, she can be quite curious and want to look inside the camera sometimes, which lends itself quite well to getting the occasional close-up.

Can I try?

Who's in there?

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