Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 29, 2009

Life is Greener

M – Some days there is little to post or take pictures about (my excuse reason for not having something new up every day). This time we took loads of pictures and the problem was picking just one. Picture the first day of Spring, with snow slushing, sun smiling, and buds blooming. Now imagine a real Spring day. Not the same as reality at all, which is more about brown bushes, grey grass, and cars splashing freezing water down one’s neck. However, just a few days ago, it was finally warm enough that Mango did not have to wear her jacket (she yells every time we put it on, until the stroller gets rolled back and forth a bit whence her tears vanish into the creases of her smiles). We braved the weather, and as the balcony felt warm enough, we ventured to a park. First grass ever! Lots of fun, photos, and fuzzy feelings all made for a great ending for our grocery shopping trip. We had to get some more basics, and this made it more enjoyable.

There's more to life?

There's more to life?



  1. I remember A’s first grass encounter- It was prickly and he kept lifitng his hands and knees real high up-Heelarious!

  2. lol. That is why we brought along a blanket… We have pictures of her holding some strands of grass she ripped out of the ground, but they didn’t make it on here.

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