Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 21, 2009


M – For some reason, my thoughts turned to aging today. While on musing over the nuances of what age brings, Mango came to mind. Not because she is old and decrepit by any means, but we did notice yesterday that she had outgrown the ‘booster seat’ we have. When I say booster seat, I mean it loosely. It did bring her head above the level of the table and she was secure, but she was also squished in there like a mini sausage. A few days ago she was snug, but not squeezed in. This prompted us to get an actual high chair (paid for in part by a baby shower gift [a gift card], which worked out really well). Suddenly she seemed tiny again, as her arms couldn’t even reach all the way across the tray. Fortunately, the tray was detachable (it even had a bitty tray underneath).

I feel so small here :(

I feel so small here šŸ˜¦

Like Sesame Street. Near – far (or ‘big – small’)

My own baby-sized tray.

My own baby-sized tray.

Of course, as she gets older, she gets bigger and heavier, but examining that would take up far too much space for a simple end-note, so it shall be left for now. Let’s just say that we certainly notice a change from four+ months ago.

Keep enjoying the posts, and apologies if there are less at times (babies can make one busy). Smiles and gummy grins for everyone though.


  1. Every time I see a high chair now I think of Julia who pulled herself right over the tray and took a nose dive onto the floor when she was 8 months old. She has the x-ray of her skull fracture as a souvenir.

    Glad to see that your kiddo is strapped in!

  2. I love reading your updates, our blog doesn’t have as many, life just seems to get crazier and crazier but I will have a new post by the weekend, its great to see Mango in her high chair, I was just telling John today that by the fall H+O will be transitioning into toddler beds and then we talked about Kindergarten for Jackson next fall, I got a bit overwhelmed and changed the subject. Mango, H+O love your high chair and think your hair is FANTASTIC!!!!

  3. Mango’s Dad also managed to climb out of his high chair, when he was very young (how old, I don’t remember!) and fell to the floor…he hollered for a while but suffered no noticeable ill effects…no concusion or cracked skull or split skin…luckily it required no trip to the hospital’s emergency room…no stitches either!!!

    Please keep in mind that in the 1970’s high chairs had no safety belts!!!

    Oh the fun of raising children!!!

    Still very young, Mango’s Dad also managed to climb over his crib’s railing, falling to a carpeted floor!! Luckily a cushioned fall!!

  4. Well. I certainly feel so much safer now that
    I’ve been told about broken babies. Something
    I hope not to have to worry about…

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