Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 12, 2009


M – For me, family is good thing. Sometimes we forget with how lucky we are to have people we love around us. It is certainly fitting then to remember where we began, how far we’ve made it, and how much further we can go. Families are synergetic in many ways. As a child, one learns by observing and copying adults – usually parents. A parent can relive youth while guiding and nurturing their children. Other relatives, especially grandparents are a bonus for both sides. Parents get a break from their children, and vice versa. When different layers/ages of family manage to get together, even if briefly, it is wonderful. While Mango may not appreciate everyone in her life yet, she has a strong support network already in place for her. I smile to think of it (consciously avoiding thinking about the future, with the inevitable clashing as she gets older and extremely independant). Family, foundation, futures.

Live, laugh, love.

Live, laugh, love.

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