Posted by: simplyscrambled | May 9, 2009


M – It must be hard to be a baby. Wanting to do something and actually doing it are very different things. Whether you haven’t learned how yet orare unable to manipulate something (poor fine motor skills still), imagine the frustration involved. Sometimes you are at the mercy of others. While you dream of playing outside, someone is forcing a jacket and hat on and shackling you to a chair (stroller). Unable to speak, you are left with few options. Hollering is one, and it does improve lung capacity, but it doesn’t usually change what is being done to you aside from hearing some placating noises.

Empathy or mocking?

Empathy or mocking?

Life is rough when you are powerless. No-one seems to get it. There are nuances to my vocalization. One version means I’m tired, another indicates need of nourishment, a third shows my desire to explore the world, the one where I sound like a goat (side note – it is quite plaintive, but it really does sound like bleating) means nobody is listening and I need help now. The list goes on and on. Please listen to me, understand my frustration, and ease my pains. NOW!



  1. whose lips show more expression…Mango’s or Mom’s???

  2. …and the winner is???

  3. The mother, I think. The picture was not approved of when posted. We’ll see if it stays…

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