Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 6, 2009


M – Life is humming along here. The days are like taffy, with the time sometimes stretching out ever so long (like when she is crying inconsolably) or squished compactly (like when we realized the past 3 months seemed to take the same amount of time as the first month. Feels like we are speeding along, emphasized once again by visitors who had not seen Mango in over a month and remarked upon how they left her as a baby and came back to find her grown into a little girl. While it is too early to reminisce ( and it was not all good by any means), she has changed. No longer content to cuddle indiscriminately, she has a tendency to squirm more, knowing there is a whole yet to explore. All we have to do is feed her, entertain her, and change her diaper.

Quality time - already a book lover :)

Quality time - already a book lover 🙂

Now we just have to stay one step ahead of her and try to figure out how to have fun and learn while doing so (both her and us).


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