Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 4, 2009

Missed Memories

M – The speed of change today not only applies to technology, but (at least it feels like it to me) also to babies. I was inadvertently in another room when Mango rolled over ( front to back) unassisted. This can be disputed, of course. I remember when she was a mere 5 weeks old and she rolled over on the couch. We proclaimed that milestone proudly to anyone (especially family) who would listen. This was met with skepticism, as the couch cushion could have been slightly slanted, thereby assisting her muscular achievement. While we dismissed that (deservedly so), she failed to repeat that roll again. Yesterday though, aha! Granted, it is 2 1/2 months later than the first (and none observed in between) and it was just missed being on camera (that could’ve been faked anyway), but we had an impartial observer on the scene. I was in an adjoining room and missed the display, but when I was hollered at to see what had happened, I sauntered over (seeing as I had not been privy to the moment anyway) in time to see her teetering on her side yet again. To be as equitable as possible, Mango was on a comforter on the floor, so there  was no ‘slope’ to give her that final nudge. I had our camera out and ready just in case she deigned to humour us with another display of athleticism. Suddenly she pushed rapidly downward with her right arm and repeated the pirouette. Unfortunately, while I did press the camera button in time, the flash took a second or so, by which time it was all over but the crying. Of course, she was crying because she bonked the back of her head when she flipped over. Didn’t last long though, so the event ended with smiles and gurgles all around.

This was pre-flip…

Limbering up

Limbering up


… and this was post-flip (after a short cool-down). Smiling merrily.

Well! That was fun. More, more!
This was easier than I remember it to be.

Guess we can no longer leave her and expect her to stay there until we get back. Our freedom shrinks even more. No shirking our parental duties…not that we did… 😛



  1. Keep it up, sweet Mango…you’re gaining more independence that way…gives you more to do as well!!

  2. It also keeps us on our toes too.

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