Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 2, 2009

Plug & Play

M – These days, life is pretty good for us. We are lucky in that Mango rarely has a meltdown in public (give it time, I know), saving it for when she is at home. We were thinking of how busy people are and how they are always rushing from one thing to the next, something that simply has to get done. Thinking that so much stuff is plug & play, one wonders why we continue to wear ourselves out (I have theories, but they are too depressing to put in this post). However, all this bustling about can make visiting malls an interesting experience, especially for one so young as Mango. She is a ‘people watcher’  already :). That meandering line of thought brought me back to entertainment. Before I continue down that path, let us examine this in light of the babies of the day. Almost everything (read ‘toys’) just needs one button to get lights flashing and noises blaring and a general cacophony of activity going. A visitor was over and comparisons came up over then and now. We may sound like old fogies, but it seems that everything is already done for the child. All they have to do is push one thing or pull another to get gratification in the manner of toy interaction. Still, it makes life easier when it seems nothing is successfully calming a child down. Less tiring and easier for us too. Oh well. Good and bad. We are hoping that knowledge will help guide us to raise a well-rounded child.

TV is fine - in small doses.

TV is fine - in small doses.


Adapting to life in the now is better than wishing a life from the past.


  1. Wow, has Mango grown since we saw her last…

  2. She certainly has. Almost 4 months old now.

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