Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 27, 2009


M – The guilt. I haven’t added anything here in a while (I chose sleep and chores instead once or twice). At any rate, conversations were had, and one of them led to this post. While they are not planned, sometimes a few words spoken can translate into a few hundred here (for those who cared, this post came out to 370 words). This time it was on Mango. Actually, it was on how Mango eats. Not how she actually masticates or swallows, but more the meal pattern she created. Three months back, give or take half a month, we were advised to feed her 8-12 times daily (24 hours/12 meals = a feeding every two hours [insanity], or a minimum of 24/8 = a feeding every three hours). Nothing like having a rabbit in one’s house. This was survived (I’m still not sure how) and we made it to the pointwhere now she has to injest more total ounces, but far less often throughout the day. To summarize and compare, it used to be 8 feeding x 2 ounces = 16 oz. (I remember having to wake Mango to have her feed), vs. 5-6 feedings x 4-6 oz. = 20-36 oz. (it is around 24 ounces as far as we can tell). However, it has gotten a bit trickier now as she tends to enjoy herself and her food too much. It does sound strange, but what happens is that after downing 2 or 3 ounces, she starts smiling up at us and the liquid just ends up running down her face. Of course, when she smiles, it is hard not to smile back, which has the effect of causing her to grin and chortle with her mouth wide open, which just makes trying to feed her any more sort of useless, as she just chokes on anything given to her (which doesn’t stop her sunny smiling). Naturally, 2 or 3 hours later, she is hungry once again. So, she is fed, which is interrupted by her laughs, which in turn causes the whole meal process to collapse again. Some days are better than others and we do allay her pangs somewhat by sneaking in a ‘dream feed’, so she still gets enough, but it can be trying. Those smiles and genuine glee are irresistable nonetheless.

I love life.

Laugh with me!

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