Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 21, 2009

Wandering minds

M – My thoughts are that I should look back through what has already been posted on this blog, as it is easy to forget the details and I do not want to write about the same topic too often. Every time I add another post, there is no planning involved. I just start typing (sometimes using a picture as a starting point) and let my mind wander. Even now I can hear Mango giggling away in the other room, which could easily be something to expound upon here. The problem with my thoughts flowing so freely is that I often end up some place (metaphorically speaking)Ā  that I had no intentions of exploring. For example, the giggling I heard could end up with me thinking about school. Giggling = fun for all = attention to Mango =Ā (some small steps omitted for brevity) = spoiled Mango = thoughts about future and need for attention = school and acting out = etcetera…

See? That had nothing to do with what I started off this post with. All I had in mind to bring up was that I think I had better start rereading old posts to stay abreast of events and my thoughts on them. Time and events here tend to blend from one to the next, so everything is ongoing rather than delineated. Looking at my extrapolation above though, I sure hope she isn’t spoiled – at least not too much. šŸ˜€

Secret Vulcan toeshake

The less well known Secret Vulcan Toe Greeting



  1. Awww…I wouldn’t worry too much about spoiling her. She’s clearly thriving on the attention that she’s getting…no need to second guess yourselves..I’d vote for marinating her in love…

  2. I’m with el burro on this one…giving a child the attention s/he needs when s/he needs it is creates the path for a secure, happy, and healthy adulthood…

  3. Thanks guys. Nice to know that lots of love is allowed – encouraged even. šŸ™‚

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