Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 18, 2009

The right time and place

M – Every week I spend some time away from home and re-energize my batteries. While it technically is a ‘workplace’ and there can be stress involved, it is also one of the nicer places I’ve worked (and volunteered) at. Only once in the past 6 years have I really not felt like going, and even then I was feeling better by the time I left. An added advantage at home is that I am away and time can be spent bonding/relaxing/playing without me. Things are still changing here and we are racing to keep up with mercuriala little ones mood can be. A cry stops midway because of something that happens to catch her eye. Conversely, Mango can be gurgling and having fun, just to sprout a pout and quivering lip. I think the ready supply of tears come from the mother ;). Throughout it all, she still manages to pull off that cute look.

Still working the cute angle

Hi everyone


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