Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 15, 2009


M – Granted, the snow has yet to fully melt away and while the weather is warming, it is hardly bee season here. However, my thinking of bees came from the abbreviation of a niece’s name.

Miss B and Ms. K graced us with her presence and it was wonderful to have some live-in guests. While it can make it more hectic around here, I think it is good for Mango to see and hear people other than just her parents all day long. They were nice enough to sleep over a few extra days too. Mango is still growing now is throwing us off with her feeding schedule. For the course of the few weeks prior a pattern emerged had been established. Imagine if you will, a balloon fighting the push of a really pointy pin. Pop!! The explosion of sound followed be the balloon remnants fluttering willy nilly to the floor in a sad little imitation of confetti at a party. Not to be blamed on any visitors, we are thinking that it is just a continuation of her ‘3 month’ growth spurt. She eats frequently but very little – or – she doesn’t ingest for hours and then inhales well over her usual quantity. Not to be picking away at her usual sunny countenance, but there were more dark skies clouding her temperament ( dats one of dem dere metaphor thingies, I need practice for the future when I’m going to have to pretend to be smart and such). C’est la vie.

Nice weekend, great visit, hope we have more time together in the future (even if they reside in some other country. Hey! I bet they’d love to see us this winter, right?) Anyway, thanks to you both for everything, including the meal(s) and assistance with baby bouncing and more. Feel free to ‘vacation’ here again. It seems like there were some good times that were had, and there certainly was a lot of love focused on Mango.

Now watch that screen

Now watch that screen

 Hope she doesn’t over-inflate her ego because of all the doting attention she gets. BTW Miss B, hope you enjoy your collecting and keep catching your fish and bugs. 🙂


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