Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 13, 2009


M – An actual restuarant. We ventured out to Boston Pizza and enjoyed some yummy food. Although Mango was somewhat squirmy (-ish?) before we left (giving us anxiety attacks about having to abort our outing), it worked out well. She slept through our entire meal. I was kinda almost pushed off the edge of the bench (car seats certainly hog the space), but all was peaceful. As we were getting ready to leave, she woke up. Immediately we envisioned customers running from the building to escape the ensuing caterwauling, she was quiet. All went well. I wonder if the same can be said for when she learns how to talk – especially that dreaded “NO“. However she is cute now and overall nicely easygoing, so we enjoy that as long as we can. She is growing up and interacting with our family visitors, so that is nice. Afterall, 2 months ago she would have either been sleeping, feeding, or crying the majority of the time. Life is pretty sweet.

Life feels like a series of pictures

Life feels like a series of pictures



  1. Just wait until Mango is 2 and 3, we hardly ever eat out anymore, I think the hardest time was about 18 months, I miss the times when the boys were Mango’s age b/c that is the best time to eat out, do it as much as you can b/c once they get older, you never know what will happen in the restaurant 🙂 For the most part everything goes ok, they just don’t want to sit and have a conversation, its eat and let’s get out of here!!!! My date nights are now at McDonald’s, can’t wait to meet Mango next week.

  2. True enough Nola. You would think it eating out would get easier, but I am sure it will be very tough at times. I’ll pass along your advice to emerge from our bubble as much as possible – besides, the weather is much better now too.

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