Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 10, 2009

Chaos mode

M – Sometimes it feels that the smaller things are, the more mess they generate. We were reminded of this when we remembered that some visitors would be coming in a day or so to visit our sweet Mango. Looking around us, we noticed how quietly the mess had crept in around us. Of course, everything was out for a reason, like the sleepers or toys or whatever. However, while needed, it all combined to make our place a minefield to tiptoe through. One would think that with more time being spent home, it would be easier to combat the chaos. Do you realize how tiring it is to keep a young’un entertained all day long? Feeding, napping (hah), changing, interacting, it all wears one out. Of course, one of the reasons our place is not as tidy as it should be is because so much time is spent with Mango, leaving us less time to polish our home for entertaining and whatnot. Life is changing constantly around here. Every time we have become accustomed to something or established a tenuous routine, she grows (more than just physically, natch) and everything is all up in the air again. She can almost roll over (no more lying her down to get her bottle anymore). Already she supports her head alone (shakily, but gone are the days of her being a ‘bobble-head’). It is still difficult for us (including Mango), as while she can complain quite loudly, there can be a stressful and noisy guessing game involved in finding out what it was that bothered her so. The joys of parenting. At least she remains cute even while outgrowing being a wee baby. It seems strange to consider that she is (today, even) exactly 3 months old. I remember when she was so young and cute… like she is now, just different. 😛 Although she’ll never know it, I hope she appreciates everything her mother does for her, because in my opinion, there is rarely something quite as nice as having a mother’s love.

What a smile

What a smile


  1. Happy Easter- Just think, all those items that are cluttering around can be her stabilizers when she starts to stand and walk. Then the drooly smile she gives you will make them all invisible. P.S. watch for stubbed toes. lol

  2. True enough. I almost killed myself a few times with the hurdling and staggering through it all. 😛

  3. M, I have read your adventures in parenting from start to finish, and am absolutely charmed by your observations.

    Mango certainly looks very comfortable with you and D, and that is delightful to see…I love the pseudonym you have given her – she wears it well…

    I would love to hear from you sometime, when you have the time…


  4. Hi Lee,
    Glad you enjoyed the posts. I guess those years in university paid off then. 😛
    We’ll see if this ‘parenting’ thing will continue to be fun.
    Nice to see you are still kicking about. I wondered.

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