Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 5, 2009


M – Things around one can be tiring when least expected. I know that people have commented if I am tired and have inquired as to if anything is wrong. While life always has a good side (that I’ve seen so far), it indeed can be tiring. Whether Mango is a part of that or not, she still remains the central point in our life. So much so, that I do not always remember to add another post (or at least too drained to do so). In less than a week, we will hit the 3 month mark, and while it still feels like we do not know everything, when one reflects back, we are getting more comfortable with this whole parenting thing. Our support network has certainly helped, but we seem to have more confidence also. We have gone out more than once as a ‘family’ – a big bonus is that it seems to tire Mango out, encouraging her to have a nice long nap after.

I was looking at our place yesterday, as everything seemed more crowded. While we have been less than tidy in the past, I can now attribute (not blame…) more on Mango. She has a toehold on every room in our place, and that includes the car. Spare room – her crib and clothing. Kitchen – bottles, formala, and milk. Dining area/living room/main area – toys, clothing (in a basket), swing, and more. Our bedroom – extra storage for miscellaneous objects, including clothes that a different size than her. Car – car seat (the part that stays locked in). Car trunk – the stroller (it has ben too cold to take for a ‘walk’ anywhere but malls). Our bathroom/laundry – stuff to be washed. 2nd bathroom – baby bathtub.

Water = fun.

Water = fun.

No complaints though.



  1. holy moly, she really grew while we were away! hope to come visit soon…

  2. Yup! We await your arrival. This weekend 2 relatives from the U.S. are coming just to see her. 🙂

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