Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 28, 2009


M – Even though today marks the 11th since Mango’s birth, I have decided against blathering on about her and her latest accomplishmentscoupled with tales and examples of  her undeniable cuteness (understandably biased, of course).

This post is different and not because it coincides with any specific day or event between D and myself, but just because I want to. This time it will focus on D and some of what she has done for me. Granted, we have some ideological standpoints that are different from one another. I cannot speak for her, but when I manage to wrap my brain around her paradigm of reasoning (some smart-sounding words there, eh?), I usually have to admit that either she is often definitively correct or that she raises some valid points I did not may have steamrolled over as less significant. D is a rock for me. Actually, more like a huge rolling stone. She is behind me, beside me, and in front of me. Behind me to push and ‘encourage’ me to do things and get me moving instead of coasting through life. Beside me as a support – although I think there my role is as important there, as I do what I can to listen, encourage, and assist any way I can. Sure hope it helps. Ahead of me to keep pulling me on as I drag my feet. To be sure, I compliment her style somewhat as I am more relaxed and laid-back about life. Some gentle reminders about the importance of enjoying life and feeling the moment exclusive of the past and before the future, can take a burden off before re-entering life. Brief though they may be, it can help to stop spinning one’s heels and slowing down to get some traction. However, without D, my life would be much different than it is today. All because of our encounter at a Halloween party neither one of us wanted to go to and had to be coerced into. The banner at the top of our blog can be interpreted a number of ways, and I’ll leave up to you to decide what it symbolizes best, but I feel it very fitting for the way we were and still are.

For this post, I let my mind wander back to us throughout the time we knew each other. This time I free-associated about D and how I feel with no real editing, so I how it is not too foolish sounding. Either way, those are my thoughts and trite words  that I squeezed into this post. Enjoy the picture.

Lost in love.

Lost in love.

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