Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 25, 2009

Noises and smiles

M – Just a few days ago the fire alarm went off in our building. While this has happened numerous times in the past (enough to be tempted to not react), this time we obviously left the building quite rapidly. For me, the noise was jarring and interfered with my usual zen-like state :P. For D, the overwhelming waves of noise seemed to flow over her as if she barely heard the klaxon. This aspect of Mango it seems she gets from her, as she nary twitched nor stirred. It was if the sounds of the bells simply did not exist. She smiled as we packed her into her seat to haul her out of (theoretical) danger. Staggering down the many narrow steps to escape, she just looked around casually, as if the chaos was an everyday occurrence. Even when we made it down and congregated in the lobby to avoid the wintry blasts, all went well. We stopped directly under an alarm bell to find out more info regarding the situation, and even then she seemed oblivious. She just gazed quietly into the eyes of the stranger gesticulating vigorously to us (we found out that she new no more than we did, obviously). By now the firetrucks had arrived and the firefighters were stomping past us, and I was starting to feel head-sore and lost in the sound. All this noise and commotion seemed lost on Mango. Finally, quietness returned, we found out it was a false alarm, and people began shuffling back to their abodes. ‘All’s well that ends well’ and all that.

You know, if we hadn’t taken Mango in for an audiology exam earlier in the week, it could have been nail-bitingly worrisome, to say the least (BTW, she passed the test with flying colours). Phew.

Power napper.

Power napper.



  1. Hi guys…just wanted to say hi and to let you know that we will be away for the next week. Hope to come by for a visit with all of them when we get back….

  2. ..and yet we tiptoe around so as not to wake the baby, Funny!

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